Perhaps the best way to answer this is to give reasons why growers should reconsider their current practices vis-à-vis antibiotics, at least by the way they are commonly used

  1. “It has been discovered that bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics.  Shift from one type of antibiotic to another supports the fact that after constant use of one antibiotic, resistance is developed towards that particular antibiotic.
  2. “ Antibiotics have a broad anti-bacterial spectrum .  In simpler terms, they kill harmful as well as beneficial or friendly bacteria.  Such super shotgun approach tips the scale of the GI tract’s microbial balance in favor of harmful bacteria.  This makes animals vulnerable to more diseases as this suppresses their immune system thereby making them open to opportunistic disease-causing bacteria.
  3. Localized antimicrobial activity of probions, on the other hand, allows for Selective displacement of unwanted bacteria. Thus, the integrity of the digestive system is preserved and it, in turn, strengthens the animals’ first line of defense against disease, infections and other adverse conditions.
  4. Finally, one has to deal with the moral, social as well as the economic dimensions of the issue. As earlier cited, continuous and indiscriminate use of antibiotics brings about harmful residual effects on meat, milk and poultry products, making them inadvisable for human consumption.
    Studies have shown a direct relation between the incidence of cancer and allergy among humans to their intake of antibiotic-treated meats.
    With other countries looking at the concept of probions as the rational alternative to the use of antibiotics for growth promotion and preventive medication, chances of acceptance in the international market of our meat, milk and other poultry products having high antibiotic residues remain nil. And the picture will not change in our favor until we exert conscious effort to eliminate these antibiotic residues.
    It is high time that Filipino growers focus on the larger export market and in so doing improve their business in particular and the Philippines economy in general.

In 1992, the company formed a group to solely engage in the manufacture and sale of probiotic products aside from what we are already importing and distributing. Supporting this move, we sought the services of a top Filipino Enzymologist whose name is proudly listed in the Whose Who In The World Book to formulate AGRESOURCES probiotic/enzymes products. To commemorate this new venture of the company we coined the word “ Probions “in order to illustrates a new product line to the Philippines livestocks raisers. Probions is a combination of all natural products that promotes growth and at the same time improves the chemotherapeutic effects of antibiotics.

In the Philippines, the concept of probions is being advances to put the use of antibiotic in its proper perspective. There is widespread abuse of antibiotics among Filipino poultry and livestock growers. Their propensity for giving their animals a regular dose of these substances is abused on the premise that the practice is good preventive measure. While this may be popular mind set, a more thorough examination will lead one to conclude that the harm the practice actually poses far outweighs any good it brings. Today, Agresource, Inc. has grown to be a major supplier of quality veterinary products. Its products line has all the story to tell as with regards to its use and value to the livestock raisers.

The people staffing our organization bring experience from a variety of industries and offer a broad range of knowledge and skills to those we serve. They are professionals who understand the requirements of our customers and suppliers. The scope of our operation will continue to grow and change as we meet the changing needs of our markets. However, we will never change our attitude. We believe that helping our customers, is an opportunity and we look forward to serving you as well.